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Property Managment

Registration Process
  • documents list
  • assistance during Registration Process, filing, documentation
  • take on Post-Registration Inspection

Promotion, Portfolio Management
  • Creating Adds, providing text, photos and video
  • Managing calendars, calendar synchronization
  • Managing rates settings

Booking Process and Guest interaction
  • Pre-booking guest’s QA
  • Pre-arrival guest’s QA
  • Guest key handling, check-in/out
  • availability to guests during their stay
  • Tourist Tax collection
  • Post stay follow-up (rating, review)

Accounting Assistance
  • preparing invoice data for accountant
  • Tourist Tax payment process
  • Guest key handling, check-in/out
  • assisting with insurance, complaint book, etc...

Property Management
  • Housekeeping
  • Laundry
  • routine management and maintenance issues
  • take on yearly fire-safety inspections

Property Advertising

Onsite Property Listing
  • high-quality photo and video creation
  • property description editing
  • two way calendar synchronization